Under by Duress(49)

By: Kayla Stonor

She heard him walk away, and considered the consequences of disobeying that last order. Reasonably good, she decided. And she needed the relief of closing her legs and . . .



Hands grasped her ankles and forced her feet apart for a second time. She felt him fit a spreader bar between her legs. He cuffed her ankles in what felt like soft fur then adjusted the spreader past the point of comfort, but not enough to unbalance her.

Now her aching clitoris was open to the air and giving herself relief completely impossible. She waited impatiently for the next sensation to befall her.

Nothing happened.


She jumped when he whispered in her ear. “I’ll be back.”

The effect on her was electric. Her orgasm that had been floating in subspace shattered into tiny pieces destroying any semblance of control.

“ROSSINI!” she screamed.

“Merda!” He caught her as she collapsed.

Tahima moaned as he supported her through the rippling shockwaves assaulting her. “Sakes alive, I think I self-combusted.”

“I can’t believe it. I’ve been waiting to torture you for weeks and you turn out to have the stamina of a newbie.”

“Rossini, you’ve got two days to mold me into your perfect sub. If you haven’t cracked it by then, I’ll train you, if it takes me a lifetime.”

“Now there’s an incentive if ever I heard one.”

She frowned, wondering if the aftermath of her splintering orgasm was dulling her brain. “Which way? Which way’s the incentive?”

He gripped her waist, moved behind her, and bent her forward. His cock nudged at her entrance flooded with juices. He thrust in slowly and then pulled out.

The darkness exploded with fireworks. New desire mushroomed into existence from nowhere. She was flying.

His voice came from a distance. “That will be for you to decide, Tahima. Best choose wisely. You’ve seen nothing yet.”