MYSTIC Canada 1: Trust in His Mate

By: Cree Storm

There are traitors within the United Council and it is up to MYSTIC Canada to find out who they are and take them down. If not, all MYSTIC agents around the world could die, leaving the community sector at the mercy of not only the Nefarious but the Councilmen, as well.

Detective Mark Franklin is one of the few born without any gifts. But everyone knows he is the only man that can infiltrate the Council and find out who is behind the attacks on their sister agency.

However, when Xavior makes a comment about a non-gifted man being unable to do the job, Mark becomes infuriated and says he will not mate with a man that has no faith or belief in him.

Can Xavior fix his blunder and earn Mark’s trust back, or will his mate walk into a possible death trap, alone, just to prove a point—and die in the process?

Chapter 1

“Is it safe to sit here?” JP asked as he sat without waiting for an answer.

Xavior turned away from the man he was watching, grumbling, “I really would rather be alone right now, JP.”

Giving his typical smart ass smile, JP replied, “Well, isn’t it a good thing that was a rhetorical question?”

Taking a slow swig of his beer, Xavior asked, “Did you need something, JP?”

“Well, now that you mention it, I could use a good stiff…”

“JP, I’m in no mood for your sex talk,” Xavior interrupted.

Pursing his lips in typical diva fashion, JP replied, “Drink, Xavior. I could use a good stiff drink.”

“Oh,” Xavior said, reaching for JP’s version of a stiff drink. “With or without ice for your Parrot Bay?”

“With, please. I like it cold,” JP said, scooting around in his chair.

Pouring the drink in a glass, Xavior asked, “So what has you upset, my friend?”

Sighing, JP replied, “Our next mission. Thinking that our Council that created us is trying to kill us off. Knowing that we have been played like puppets for the past twenty-five years. Learning that not only can we find a mate, but also father children, too. Hell, pick a topic.”

Snorting, Xavior said, “Try finding your mate and he pretends you don’t exist.”

“He knows you exist, Xavior. He just doesn’t like it that you treat him like a weak, powerless twit because he’s an Inert,” JP replied drolly.

It was over fifty years ago that a meteor strike had hit Earth. Most women were killed and those who weren’t dead were dying off. The men who lived found themselves changed forever. Granted powers that had only been seen in comic books.

Originally, people thought they had been given great gifts. Some—called Animators—had one power. Then there were the Celestials, like Xavior and his fellow MYSTIC family. They had two or more gifts granted to them. Xavior’s power was not just unbelievable strength, but the ability to transport from one place to another. JP could pick up the tiniest piece of earth and make it into an explosive, and his ability with technology was crazy good.

Then there were the Inerts.

These were men who survived the strike, but were granted no powers at all.

No one understood how it had been determined who would die, who would be gifted, and who had been left with nothing. However, mayhem had broken out all over the world as some started using their powers for their selfish, evil purposes. These men were known as Nefarious.

Things had gotten very ugly, until the countries’ surviving leaders were able to come together as a United Council and calm the world, and eventually created what is now the MYSTIC agents around the world.

There was MYSTIC USA, MYSTIC Europe, and his group, MYSTIC Canada.

They were all good men with impressive abilities, fighting for a good cause—or so they thought.

Not long ago, MYSTIC USA had contacted his director, Sean. After many talks and shared information, the possibility that the Council may be trying to take out MYSTIC agents was the only conclusion the surviving agents could draw. There was no other explanation for the Nefarious finding his friends and the increase in attacks against MYSTIC agents this past year.

Now the rules of the Council, to have no interaction with other MYSTIC agents, made sense to Xavior. As crazy as things have been, it would’ve been nice to have been able to consult with other agents from around the world. However, the Council members felt if the agents came together, their powers would be so strong they could take over in their place.