Tin God

By: Stacy Green

Praise for TIN GOD

Stacy Green has the power to transport readers to a place and time. Whether it's the sticky heat of a Mississippi summer, or the cold terror of coming face to face with a murderer, her writing stimulates all the senses. Tin God is a very satisfying read.

Bestselling thriller author Rachel Abbott

Steeped in gossip, lies and broken dreams, this mystery is as complex and believable as its setting. I could almost hear the cicadas and smell the magnolia trees of Stacy Green's fictional town of Roselea, Mississippi. I can't wait for the next book in the trilogy!

Catie Rhodes

Praise for INTO THE DARK

From the initial tension and underlying threat of the bank robbery when one of the robbers whispers in the protagonist's ear "For you, Miss Emilie. I'm here for you" to the last moments of the book, I found Stacy Green's writing to be captivating. She has the ability not only to allow the reader to see the scene, but also to hear and smell it so there is a sense of total immersion.

Bestselling thriller author Rachel Abbott

Author Stacy Green in her debut novel INTO THE DARK has delivered a uniquely suspenseful and chilling story set in the dark and surreal storm tunnels beneath the city of Las Vegas. This is a real page-turner that will keep you riveted as the suspense keeps building.

The Kindle Book Review

Stacy pens "Into the Dark" in a well thought out plot with some really dark twists and turns that keeps you reading. Her characters were well developed characters that were likable...but not all. I was impressed with the amount of research Stacy had to go through for the book and the intense suspense throughout the book kept my interest. Highly recommended for all thriller fans.

My Cozie Corner Book Review

Wounded childhoods have a way of catching up with people. As torments of past and present bind together, the darkness around Emilie deepens, and the terror feels palpably real. Stacy Green's Into the Dark is a psychological thriller grounded in real lives and fears, built around convincing characters, and nicely woven around real places and intriguing mystery.

Sheila Deeth

Ms. Green has penned a chilling suspense tale that strikes fear not with netherworld denizens, ghosts, the fanged, or the furry but with a seemingly ordinary man wielding a twisted obsessed parody of the tenderest of emotions, love. INTO THE DARK focuses on two ordinary people, each a tad damaged, attempting to live decent lives while dealing with their own personal demons.

Ivy at Manic Readers

For Grace.

Thank you for being my miracle.


“That’s impossible.” Jaymee’s stomach lurched and then spiraled to her toes. The meager window air conditioner in the manager’s trailer did nothing for her constricted lungs. She shifted as the torn plastic of the junky folding chair cut into the back of her thigh. “My boyfriend–ex-boyfriend–paid the rent. I gave him the money last week.”

Her insides continued their cartwheels as Mr. Shaw, smarmy manager of Ravenna Court, pulled open a desk drawer and thumbed through his files. A glob of ash dropped off the cigarette dangling from his thin lips. He grunted and swatted the ash onto the floor. Jaymee squirmed again, reminding herself not to touch anything without first dousing it with disinfecting spray. A pungent aroma of sweat, stale cigarettes, and lemon-scented air freshener hovered over the short, square-faced man who directed all his comments to Jaymee’s chest.

“I didn’t get it.” Mr. Shaw crushed his cigarette into an overflowing ashtray.

Jaymee’s mouth went dry. “I don’t understand.”

“What’s not to understand?” Shaw’s gravelly voice held no empathy. “You’re two weeks late with the lot rent. Now you got five days to come up with the money or get out.”

Troy. What had he done with the cash she’d given him? She’d known this was going to happen as soon as she read the stupid note he’d left her yesterday. Apparently, he’d met the love of his life down at The Lotus, and they planned to live happily-ever-after in fairytale land. Jaymee had grown tired of his laziness and hadn’t been sorry to see him go until now.

“I can postdate a check.” She dug into her cheap bag. Embarrassment burned her cheeks. She’d always managed to pay her rent even if she had to skip a meal or two.