The Right Choice

By: Brandy L Rivers

Chapter 1

Rain pelted against the windshield as Brian drove through the storm. Long damned day at work, and he was ready to go home, grab a beer, and go to sleep. Ten minutes before the end of his shift, dispatch called and sent him and his partner back out. He vaguely knew the address but couldn’t recall why.

Marissa looked over. “Isn’t that Kylie Jensen’s address?”

And he had his answer. She was the sister of a man he used to call a friend. Kent started down the wrong path during high school. By the time Brian became a cop, Kent had been in and out of jail for drug use. And last he heard he was dealing.

The call was to investigate drugs stashed on someone’s property. Her asshole of a brother was capable of doing something as stupid as stashing drugs in her home.

He parked outside the house. Kylie burst through the door with fire in her gray eyes. Her red hair was pulled up in a messy bun, and she still wore her scrubs.

“My piece of shit brother broke in and stashed a shitload of drugs in my room of all places. I want nothing to do with his lifestyle.”

Brian sucked in a breath and nodded. “Slow down. Show us what happened.”

“That.” The door had been kicked in.

Kylie walked inside. “Come in.” Turning on her heel, she stalked up the steps and pushed the door open. She shot him a glare. “Kent came by last night. Asked to hide out in my house. I told him hell no and to get lost. He was drunk, but I finally convinced him to leave.” Clenching her fists, she stared Brian down. “I know you’re buddies, but—”

“Were,” Brian pointed out. “Haven’t called him a friend in years. I’m not taking his side. Now tell me what the hell happened so we can get to the bottom of it.”

Her mouth dropped open, then her hands landed on her hips.

Marissa laughed softly. “Kent is a world-class asshole. This won’t be the first time we’ve had to lock him up.”

Brian looked into Kylie’s eyes. “Things haven’t been the same since I left for college. If he committed the crime, I have no issue putting him in a cell.” He almost took it back, knowing he should have said us, but something about Kylie all grown up and pissed turned him on.

“Fine.” She pointed past Brian at the door. “He busted in here. I have a door ordered and I’ll be installing it once it gets here in another hour. He stole some of my jewelry. Tore up my room. And left a backpack of what I assume are drugs, but I haven’t touched it. He wanted to hide out, so I assume the worst.”

An irritated growl erupted as she stalked back to her room. “This isn’t the first time he’s tried to pull this shit, but since I changed my locks, he actually broke in this time.” Kylie threw the door open and stepped inside. “He left a mess.”

“I’d say,” Brian answered.

The mattress was off the bed frame. Her clothes were thrown around. Several pictures were shattered, the frames lying on the floor. Drawers were overturned.

Kylie walked to the closet and pointed at the massive duffle bag. “Haven’t touched it. Don’t want to.”

Brian looked over at Marissa, silently begging her to ask the obvious question.

One corner of her mouth quirked. “Is there any chance someone else could have broken in?”

Kylie pinned Brian with a glare. “And this is why I didn’t expect shit from you.” Rolling her eyes, she walked past them.

Brian caught her shoulder and quickly pulled his hand back when she spun around, reaching up to fling his arm away. He held his hands up in surrender. “We’d be asking these same questions no matter who reported the crime, or who the suspect was. It’s not that we don’t trust you, but without evidence or a confession, we can only take him in for questioning, which we’ll do regardless.”

Sighing heavily, she marched to the dining room and opened her laptop. “I have evidence that he broke in.” She brought up a video of the front door, already paused where her brother did break in the door and storm inside.

“Why didn’t you start with this?” Marissa asked in irritation.

Brian moved in front of Kylie and stared her down. “We’re cops. There’s an obvious crime here. We want to get to the bottom of it.”