The Darkest Pleasure(145)

By: Gena Showalter

And Paris, sweet Paris. Like many of the others, he spent most of his time traveling between Buda and Rome, where he continued searching for clues to the remaining artifacts. But he was quiet now, never played his games or watched his movies. Danika hated seeing him like that and had tried to tell him that whatever the problem, everything would work out. He’d hugged her and left the room.

On the other hand, two people who seemed to be in great spirits were Torin and Cameo. They’d become best buddies and were always closeted away together. Or, when out and about, whispering and laughing. Not that they could whisper quietly. They had to remain a good distance away from each other to prevent Torin from infecting her with his disease, so their whispers were actually normal conversation, but it was clear that in their minds, they were the only people in the room. Danika wasn’t sure if a romance was brewing, but liked the thought. Both of them deserved happiness in their lives.

Another happy camper was William—which made Anya happy, which in turn made Lucien happy. William had moved in indefinitely and liked to flirt with Ginger, who pretended indifference but blushed every time he neared her. Neither was serious about the other, Danika could tell, but it was nice to see them so at ease.

Danika’s family was only staying another week before heading home. She knew they’d stayed this long because they didn’t trust Aeron and had wanted to watch her back, just in case. No wonder she loved them! She would miss them terribly, visit often, but her life was here now, with Reyes.

Gilly, her young friend from L.A., had moved into the fortress, too. Danika had made sure of it. She and Reyes had placed her in the bedroom next to theirs, hoping to ease her transition from normal life to life among demons. The men seemed to like her, treating her as they would a kid sister even as they continued to complain about the upheaval in their once orderly lives. Gilly was leery, but Danika knew firsthand that would ease in time.

Ashlyn had taken the girl under her wing, a fierce protector not even the warriors would challenge. Danika loved her all the more for it. The woman was going to make an amazing mother, whether she had a boy, a girl, a demon, or a half human, half demon. A chuckle escaped her. Maybe one day Danika would face the same dilemma. She liked to tease Ashlyn about making Legion the child’s nanny. That always made Maddox look ready to vomit, which always made Ashlyn laugh.

As for Danika and Reyes, they had spent most of the past few weeks in bed together, loving each other to utter contented pleasure. She hadn’t smiled like this since, well, ever. Morning, noon and night, this man loved to rock her world. Sometimes it was sweet and gentle, other times it was wild and naughty.

No matter how he took her, she loved it. She just loved him!

She still had nightmares, but she didn’t fear them any longer. She actually welcomed them. Reyes always held her afterward, something she looked forward to every time she opened her eyes.

In return, she liked to think she comforted him, too. His need for physical pain had returned somewhat, so he had to cut himself a few times a day—sometimes, she even helped. But less and less would he get that crazed look in his eye when she came at him with a weapon, and instead would sit back and simply enjoy. The amazing thing, however, was that he didn’t have to be cut during their lovemaking. Then, the demon was transported to another plane, just as she’d suspected.

“Come back to bed, angel, and I will believe anything you tell me.” Even as he spoke, his penis lengthened and hardened. He reminded her of the secret painting she’d done of him when he’d first asked her to paint her visions—the one now hanging over their bed. “I expect your family to burst inside at any moment. Ever since your grandmother had the casts taken off, she’s been dogging your every step, wanting to help you with your paintings. Let’s not waste any of this time together.”

Her mouth watered at the sight of him—would she ever get enough of him?—but she clutched his shoulders and shook him. “Come see, come see, come see.”

Catching her urgency, he jerked upright. Though she hadn’t seen him reach for one, a dagger was in his hand. “Is something wrong? Has something happened?”