Shades of Steele:Mercury Rising 2(45)

By: Shades of Steele

"We’ll talk about this later, Dev."

"Damn straight we will."

"I’m telling you," Lucian said, "it was not I who took out the Consiglio."

"Then if it wasn’t you, who?" Matt asked. His finger was itchy and he was ready to put a hole in the Master’s heart. "You think I’m gonna let you take me out?"

"If it wasn’t anyone in this room, what species does that leave?" Lucian asked. "Think. Who has the most to gain by taking out our Consiglio?"

"Demons," Alastair said.

"Fuck," Vane said. "But how?"

"Lower your weapon," Lucian warned. "If I have to ask again, I won’t overlook the indiscretion."

Matt hesitated and then lowered his Beretta. "How do we know you’re telling the truth?"

"Because if I wanted you dead, you would be dead."

Matt’s hackles rose. "You could try."

Devin turned to his triplets. "Go get North and take him home."

That was going to be an interesting rescue. North was still detoxing. Matt was going to have a shit storm on his hands when Devin found out.

The triplets left the room.

"We have to summon Nazar," Vane said. "We have to find out if any of his demons had anything to do with our high council’s disappearance."

Matt wasn’t looking forward to that. Nazar was the King of Hell, a rank bastard who sometimes played nice and sometimes sicced his demonic dogs on a person for summoning him in the first place. No one wanted a demonic dog coming after them. They couldn’t be seen in the human realm and they never gave up until they completed their master’s task.

If the demons had taken out the Consiglio, Mercury was in a world of trouble.