Scandalous Seduction(57)

By: Miranda Lee

'Are you all right, Harriet?' Brad asked with a frown.

She looked up at him and her equally frowning mother, then her face broke out into the widest smile.

'Perfectly all right.'

She surprised her mother with an exuberant kiss before slipping an arm through Brad's.

'Ready?' he asked with a grin.

'Always,' she grinned back.

She tightened her grip on his arm and let him lead her outside, thinking as she went that if only Brad could make up with his parents then her happiness would be complete. He was their only son, he had told her, having two married sisters, and their estrangement had lasted for far too long, she believed.

Brad helped her into the passenger seat of the Porsche before striding round to climb in behind the driver's wheel, where he cast her a troubled look. 'Now what is going on in that devious mind of yours, Harriet? I smell trouble.'

'Not at all, darling. Not at all.'

'Oho! I definitely smell trouble when you start calling me darling like that!'

'I was merely thinking that, when we get back to your place, it would be nice if you made one more phone call… to your parents.'

His eyebrows almost hit the roof of the car, his sigh both exasperated and resigned. 'I knew it!'

'Knew what?' she asked, all wide-eyed and innocent.

'That you were a bossy-boots! The moment I laid eyes on you I said, Now that woman is definitely a bossy-boots. She—'

Harriet silenced him the only way she could think of. With her lips. They were still kissing when the little kitten woke up on the back seat and miaowed plaintively.

'Good grief!' Brad exclaimed, reeling away from Harriet's mouth. 'That damned cat almost gave me a heart attack. I'd forgotten we'd brought her with us.'

Harriet scooped the little bundle of fur into her lap. 'Well, we couldn't leave her alone up at your place for too long, could we, Brigit, sweetie?' she crooned.

The kitten settled into Harriet's lap under her rhythmic stroking, all contentment and purrs.

'Don't go thinking that animal's going to sleep on our bed!' he warned.

'Of course not, darling.'

Brad was shaking his head as he started the engine. 'And when you start saying "Of course not, darling", I smell double trouble,' he growled.

'Now, Brad, you make me sound like some sort of shrew.'

'Hmm.' His sideways glance was so wickedly sexy that Harriet's heart leapt.

'What on earth are you thinking?' she gasped.

He reproduced the same innocent expression she had adopted earlier.

'Brad Barrington, what are you thinking?'

'Just recalling my favourite Shakespearian play,' he tossed off.

'The Taming of the Shrew?' she suggested drily.

'Heck, no!'

'What, then?'

'As You Like It.'

'As You Like It?' she repeated, surprised.

His grin was more than wicked. 'And I like it, Harriet. I like it a lot.'

They were both laughing as the car shot up the road.