Pulse:A Stepbrother Romance

By: Sarah Sparrows

Preview: “Impulse”

Sawyer Samuels.

My relationship with him had been complicated. Very complicated. From the day I met him, he was a complete jackass to me, just shy of belittling me at every last fucking turn. I never knew what his problem with me was, but he seemed to get his rocks off on antagonizing me in these small, subtle mind games. I hated it. I hated him.

Except…neither of those were true.

I enjoyed it. It was like we were playing this constant game with one another. I was always on the defensive, and he was always on the attack, but something about the game just kept me playing.

It was true that he was a complete asshole to me. I couldn’t stand how fucking cocky he was, with his attractive build that I saw way too often when he’d wander around the house shirtless. Then there was that stupid little smirk he had used on me all the time – the Panty-Dropper. He was so confidant, so self-assured, and he had never turned down an opportunity to pick at me.

But I…I loved it.

It was stupid and I knew it. I don’t know why I let him get away with it – it’s not like I couldn’t stand my ground against him. But for some reason… I reveled in his antagonistic attention. I didn’t let him walk all over me by any means, and I’d challenge him if he got out of line, but something about the weird, stupid stepsibling tension between us enticed me.

Was that why? I dwelled on the thought, thinking back to when I was sixteen years old. Did I just want his attention?

I was a good girl. Good girls don’t crush on their brothers…

… Sawyer had been handsome before.

Now, he was stupidly attractive.

I wasn’t sure how I could much I could bear a summer alone with the cocky, sculpted jackass now. It had been easy to let the past be the past and just forget the whole mess, but then he had to come back and make life a living hell again. Now, I was going to have to figure my feelings out while trapped with the guy. And there was no way I was going to let him have that kind of power over me, not after he’d betrayed me before.

But that didn’t resolve the looming crisis. With a couple of months living together alone, there were really only two options immediately visible, and I had no idea which one would be more appealing.

Either I’d want to kill Sawyer, or…

No. I wasn’t willing to admit it to myself.

I couldn’t bear to dwell on how much I wanted to fuck him.


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Chapter 1



My life changed forever the day that I met the jackass named Sawyer Samuels. I was fresh from a year of studying abroad – God bless those high school essay contests. Let me tell you, I never seriously entertained the idea that I would be picked out of a few thousand entries, sent overseas for a year of hardcore education and given eight cities to choose from. After a mad dash to the airport, eight hours in the air, and the extra hour in the passenger seat of the car, my tired body was sluggish with jet lag.