Navy SEAL to the Rescue

By: Tawny Weber

Rescued by the alpha SEAL

Tawny Weber debuts the stunning Aegis Security miniseries

Injured in the line of duty, navy SEAL Travis “Hawk” Hawkins retreats to paradise. But R & R takes a turn when he runs smack into a beautiful blonde who just witnessed a murder. Travis offers to help, only to find himself equally taunted and titillated by irresistible Lila Adrian. Can the wounded warrior protect Lila and take down a deadly crime ring?

“Are you stressed?” Lila asked, taking one step backward.

“That depends.”

“Depends on what?”

“On if you’re interested in doing something about it.” His smile sexy enough to make her light-headed, he moved forward one step.

Since his legs were longer than hers, his step brought him close enough to touch. To feel. To taste.

She held her breath when he reached out. He shifted his gaze to his fingers as they combed through her hair, swirling one long strand around and around. His gaze met hers again and he gave a tug.

“So?” Travis asked quietly. “Interested?”

“I shouldn’t be. This would probably be a mistake,” she murmured, her eyes locked on his mouth. His lips looked so soft, a sexy contrast against those dark whiskers. Were they soft, too? How would they feel against her skin?

Desire wrapped around her like a silk ribbon, pretty and tight.

“Let’s see what it feels like making a mistake together.”

With that, his mouth took hers.

* * *

 Dear Reader,

I’m so excited to be making my debut with Harlequin Romantic Suspense. I’m a huge fan of bringing some extra heat to my suspense stories, and hope you are, too.

I love writing SEALs, but for years, I’ve wanted to try my hand at writing a series that brought together my sexy SEALs with those hunky special-ops heroes from the other branches of the military. Asking myself where the best of the best special operatives would go when they left the military, I came up with Aegis Security, shielding the world one client at a time. Made up of former SEALs, Delta Force and MARSOC, Aegis offers the very best protection in very special circumstances. Talk about an abundance of alpha awesomeness!

I couldn’t think of a better hero than former SEAL Travis Hawkins to kick off the Aegis Security series in Navy SEAL to the Rescue. Bitterly healing from wounds incurred on a mission that forced him out of the military, Travis doesn’t have faith in much anymore—especially love. Then Lila Adrian lands in his arms, and sparks fly. Throw in murder, kidnapping and romantic nights under the stars and he doesn’t stand a chance. Thanks to Lila, Travis not only heals his faith, but finds his future.

This was a fun story to write, and I hope you have just as much fun reading it. I’m looking forward to sharing many more stories with you and can’t wait to hear what you think. Feel free to drop me a line at my website,, or find me on social media.

All my best,


Chapter 1

Costa Rica, baby.

The small beachside town of Puerto Viejo de Talamanca was filled with character. The laid-back, mellow atmosphere was complemented by thatch-roofed buildings, colorful fabrics and hand-lettered signs.

Midstride down the deserted sidewalk, Lila Adrian stopped to close her eyes and take a deep breath of the rich, ocean-scented air. When she opened her big green eyes again, she was thrilled to see that yes, indeed, it was still gorgeous. What was it about the Caribbean that made everything just a little brighter?

God, she loved her job.

As the brains, brawn and chief headhunter of her own business, At Your Service, she was rocking it. She might be meeting clients in San Francisco one day, in London scouting for an art director the next, visiting a tiny village in Tuscany to woo a former prima ballerina the week after that. And now she was cruising Puerto Viejo for a chef.

Wherever the talent was, she went. And then, with charm, guile and a great deal of wit, she enticed that talent into the job of their dreams. Or into believing the job she wanted them to take was dream-worthy.

It’d all started with a few favors, helping a friend find an elite aromatherapy masseuse for her new spa, connecting a concierge doctor she’d once dated with an upscale hotel chain owned by a friend. But it had been introducing three of her father’s fired housekeepers to wealthy families who’d welcomed their services that made her realize she could turn it into a career.