Moonshine & Madness

By: Dixie Lynn Dwyer

Love on the Rocks 2

Gianna isn't looking for complications in her life, but meeting six sexy, hot men within forty-eight hours of one another seems like the kind of complicated she deserves. She doesn't want to choose, but the possibility of having to is breathing down her neck until that first date. Then she discovers that all six men are brothers, and boy are they willing to share.

Gianna is a caring, giving, plus-size woman with a lot of heart, and she is adventurous, too. Falling in love with six men is an adventure of its own. Becoming part of a homicide investigation—and ultimately becoming a killer's next prey—may be the last adventure she will ever go on. She's tough, resourceful, and determined to stay alive long enough for the police to capture the serial killer.

Her men are also resourceful, are in the center of the investigation, and know what Gianna is facing alone. It’s a race against time, and the one to win will be the person willing to die for what is right.


Gianna Cuccione was running late. She had been talking to her friend Cherie and listening to her talk about Hawaii and being interested in Venetia’s brothers, though they lived in New York and Gianna lived in South Carolina. Then she had to hear about these job interviews in New Jersey and that maybe she should consider checking them out because they would be closer to New York and Venetia’s brothers, with whom she’d really hit it off.

Gianna sighed. She wished she could meet some nice guy, but most men she met liked the skinny model types. She was not skinny. She was considered plus size: big boned, sexy curves, voluptuous. She was also five foot seven, which shorter men found intimidating. She was actually the shortest child in the Cuccione family. Her brothers, cousins, aunts, and uncles were all over six feet tall.

She was in great physical condition. She was solid, tight, and had a flat belly and toned thighs. She was like a white version of Beyoncé. She chuckled just thinking about that. Gianna had a bigger bust.

She thought about the dinner meeting she had this Friday at some place called Steak-N-Shine. It was an upscale restaurant known for its superb menu of steaks and various flavors of moonshine. She had completed the final editing on a very large nonfiction book by a famous historian in the area, and they were celebrating the completion of the book before it went to paperback. It would be her, Mrs. Fields, and four of the executives of the publishing house Gianna worked for.

Another client, Giselle Matters, was working on a book about the best places to eat when visiting South Carolina. Steak-N-Shine was on the preliminary list, and they were supposed to make plans to dine at the place next week and see what it had to offer. Gianna hoped the food was good and the atmosphere, too, since she would be eating there twice.

Gianna played with the button for the radio station. She found a song she liked and listened to the words as she drove along the empty road—something about meeting, falling in love, and taking a chance on an instant attraction. The words drew her in, making her imagine what it would be like to actually love someone with all her heart and soul. Would it ever happen to her, or was her bad luck with men a sign of worse to come? Not that she was a very experienced woman. But Gianna had made some mistakes, and the biggest one had been sleeping with Ivan.

He did nothing for her, and because of her lack of self-esteem in college, she’d allowed him to make her feel like the problem was with her and not him. She learned later on that she was dissatisfied with him in bed because he didn’t know how to please a woman. He was a stick-it-in-and-get-himself-off kind of guy. Real men engaged in foreplay.

She hated thinking about this. She felt a little embarrassed thinking about finding a man to fulfill her fantasies. Was it normal to want a man’s mouth on every part of her, feasting on her as if she were the most delectable thing on the planet? Was that asking too much, to be the center of a man’s universe?

Her gut clenched and she gripped the wheel. There was no one for her. It seemed that her size and her shyness might be standing in the way after all. Why couldn’t she meet a man even half as perfect as one of Venetia’s men? They adored her, loved her every moment, and always put her first. Gianna was tired of giving and being with men who took and never gave back. It made her feel worthless and as if she wasn’t good enough. Two lovers and no orgasm ever. Even her toys couldn’t bring her to orgasm.