In the Mix

By: Jacquelyn Ayres

The GEG Series

Under Contract, Book 1

For Susan Powers, my aunt, who was taken from this world far earlier than anyone should. Your strength, struggle, humor, and most of all, your kindness has had a bigger impact on my life then you ever imagined it would. I am beyond grateful for the lessons I learned from you in the short seventeen years you were in my life. The greatest lesson was that of friendship; to see the person within and not what everyone else sees on the outside. My life has been blessed with the most wonderful friendships because of it. Thank you. I love you and I miss you.

Ps. Sorry for the snail mail, next time I’ll use a Ouija board. ;)

For Wendy Colby, my friend, you inspire me every day. You know, they say that everyone has a choice of how they could handle the things that life throws at them, and I do believe that. However, some people, like you, are just born with the right stuff. The stuff that makes you strong without ever really trying. I see it every time I talk to you. It’s in your concern for others, the excitement you find in things, especially your books, and your continuous dreams of the future. And when things do get to you, I love that you have a double barrel salute up, through your tears, while you blow raspberries at life. Supergirl. I love you. No one and nothing will ever snuff out that light you walk around with—it’s too bright.

Thank you for all of your help with our Shannon. And it is an honor to be your CiCi (Goddamn it!).

And finally, to everyone else who has been affected by MS (Multiple Sclerosis) whether personally having it or watching the people you love suffer from it, I ask you to join me by raising your fists up like MS is standing in front of you. Let those birds fly and yell with me:


I look up from my laptop as soon as I hear the door to my office slam open. “He’s not here, miss!” Erica practically yells at the woman charging through the threshold.

“My name is CiCi, bitch—remember that shit!” she barks at Erica before bringing her attention to me. “Where is he? Where is that dickless son of a bitch?” She charges towards me.

Holy shit—she’s fucking hot!

“Who are you talking about?” I get up and walk around to the front of my desk.

“Mitch—motherfucking, pussy breath, ballless wonder of the world—Colton!” she yells in my face.

Her eyes are gorgeous.

She smells incredible.

That fucking mouth on her . . .

I widen my stance due to unforeseen circumstances. “He’s not here. Can I leave a message for you?” I lick my lips, fighting the urge to nip at hers.

“What the fuck are you smirking at?”

“Do you want me to call security, Kyle?” Erica pipes up from the doorway. Talk about a delayed reaction.

“No, Erica, close the door; we’ll be fine.” I command without averting my eyes from this woman’s gorgeous ones.

“Ha! You may want that security, Kyle,” she laughs threateningly.

“Yeah?” I get closer to her, breathing in her face. “Fuck, you’re beautiful . . .” I trail off. The tension in her face lightens up for a moment and, as if she remembers, she furrows her brow.

Oh shit! Oh shit!

She has my balls!

Don’t yelp like a girl.

Don’t yelp like a girl.

“You have a really nice set of balls here, Kyle.” She leans in near my ear. “I’m pretty sure you want to keep them. I’m also pretty sure they sound fantastic slapping the ass of whomever you are fucking. If you want to keep it that way, I suggest you tell Mitch that he had better call me or I will not only rip your balls off, but his as well. Capisce?” She lightens the grip. All I can do is nod and try my hardest not to get a full-on erection. But then . . . she gives me a soft caressing rub.

I may have just groaned.

“Feel good?” she whispers in the most seductive tone I’ve ever heard in my life. “It won’t feel like this anymore if I don’t hear from Mitch, you got me?” she threatens and, good God, gives me another squeeze. “I will have your balls, Kyle!”

I can confirm right now—she already does.

I want her.

Before I can say another word, she lets go of me and leaves my office as quickly as she arrived. I pick up the phone and dial Mitch. I’m not wasting a single moment. What the hell did she say her name was? She said it. I was just too busy being hypnotized by her eyes for it to register.