Game Over (Alaskan Sabears #2)

By: Becca Van

Alaskan Sabears 2: Game Over

Tammy Parks has been in love with Phelan Redmond and Hopper Sawyer forever.

Phelan and Hopper know Tammy was their mate, but doing anything with her before she is an adult and ready for them would have put their lives and hers in jeopardy.

Disheartened and hurt, Tammy went off to college, away from the isolated, Alaskan island. She studied hard to get her degree, always with hopes that her mates will claim her. However, once she finally returns home, they’re still avoiding her.

When Tammy gets hurt, everything changes. Phelan and Hopper decide it’s time to claim their mate so they can protect her from danger, but Tammy wants nothing to do with them.

Phelan and Hopper have their work cut out for them to earn her trust and soothe her pain, and to get her to agree to mate with them.

They’re not sure she’ll say yes.


Hayden Tilly stared at the artist’s portfolio. Rage coursed through his body and a red haze sheeted over his eyes. He had worked his ass off for years, and for what? He had nothing to show for his effort for the last thirty or so years. Jealousy coursed through him. Each time a new young artist was discovered, the green-eyed monster raised its ugly head. No matter how hard he’d tried, no matter how many classes he took, he was and never would be good enough. He was now over fifty years old and he’d spent the most part of his life trying to perfect his skills, but none of it had paid off.

His mother had made more than a decent living from her craft of sculpture and his father had been a prominent playwriter. His mother had tried to teach him to sculpt, but he was too clumsy and couldn’t seem to get the clay to move into the forms he’d pictured in his mind. So, she’d bought him paints and canvasses and though she’d encouraged him to let his imagination run wild, he could still remember the disappointment in her eyes whenever she’d seen his completed work. Even though it had been devastating to lose his parents just after he’d turned twenty-two, it had also been a blessing. There had been no more pressure to try and become the famous artist or person they’d wanted him to be.

However, he continued to paint for his own enjoyment even if none of his paintings would earn him any prizes or recognition.

Each time another skilled artist emerged from wherever they’d been hiding, jealousy and anger warred until he was consumed with an envious fury that was becoming harder and harder to dispel, as well as ignore.

His immediate reaction was to find this Stealthy person and take them out, but that would be too easy. A gunshot from afar wouldn’t be nearly as satisfying as having the artist standing in front of him while he destroyed the bastard’s artwork right before his eyes. A sneer spread over his lips as he imagined holding a steel-bladed knife and slashing through a completed canvas until nothing but tatters were left.

He could just imagine the devastation on the artist’s face as he destroyed months of work in minutes.

Hayden rubbed his hands together, his mind whirling as he tried to think of a way to make this young upstart pay for making him, Hayden Tilly, look so small.

A lightbulb lit up his mind as a plan began to formulate. Why he hadn’t thought of it right away, he’d never know. The answer was as obvious as the nose on his face.

There was so much to be done for his plans to come to fruition, and if he was smart, he could kill two or more birds with one stone. Yes, he’d need to pick who he would invite to Chicago carefully, and then he would take them all out at once.

A chuckle escaped his mouth and then he laughed long and loudly. He was going to get what he deserved after working so hard for so long. He’d buy up as much of the art as he could and then when the artists were dead and buried, he’d sell whatever he’d bought and make a killing. Everyone in the art world knew that prices for pieces skyrocketed when an artist died.

Hayden fired up his computer and once it was up and running, began to go through the lists of up and coming artistic stars. He’d need to check the reviews and then he’d make his choices.

He’d be able to retire and live in the lap of luxury before the year was out.

He could picture himself now, lying back on a sun lounge sunning himself in the warm sun on a tropical island, while sipping on some exotic cocktail.