Dreams of Change(105)

By: Brandy L Rivers

Mystic – Caster that can translocate nearly anywhere. Some can move through time. Often have psychic abilities like clairvoyance and telepathy. Some say they came from another realm.

Others – Any being that isn’t quite human. Werewolves, vampires, shaman, druids, mages, witches, warlocks, Fae are some examples.

Pack – Or werewolf pack, is a group of werewolves in an area. The size of the pack determines the size of their region. Werewolves in a pack have a hierarchal structure based on the creature’s innate dominance. Usually, there is an alpha which is the leader, and several enforcers who enforce the will of the leader, and the rest of the werewolves. Every pack is run differently.

Pack Enforcer – Werewolves high in the pack hierarchy who carry out the Alpha's orders or discipline.

Paineater – A type of Fae who heals others by taking their wounds. They heal more quickly than other Fae.

Rift Bender – Mage/druid hybrid. They have skills of both sides of their parentage, as well as skills born of both magics. They can open rifts and portals to other dimensions.

Shaman – Humans who possess nature magic. Similar to druids, but not the same. Most shamans can shift into a specific animal.

Shield – A protection spell. Forms a wall usually of one or two elements.

Silver Council – Organization of mages. They are the governing force of most Others. Not everyone recognizes them, but they try to police all Others. The Silver Council is mostly made up of formally trained mages. They occasionally will employ other casters.

Silver Council Enforcer – The mages who police Others.

Sleepwalker – The individual a Dreamwalker is drawn to. Sometimes the Sleepwalker can pull the Dreamwalker into a dream. Oftentimes, the Dreamwalker can watch over their Sleepwalker while they are both awake.

Sorceress – A caster who sees Aura’s, can manipulate spirits or unseen entities around them. Danger lies in forcing their will too heavily on certain entities.

Sylvan Fae – Nature faeries that powers revolve around plants, earth, and animals. They can communicate, control, and sometimes possess beasts.

Translocation – Some mages can vanish and reappear in another area. It is a rare talent.

Ward – A spell that protects, sometimes keeps people from entering.

Wereanimal – Any type of wereanimal. Werewolves are the most common. Werecats probably second. They are stronger and faster than your average human. There are rare cases of other wereanimals. Each species varies in what it may, or may not, be able to do. These creatures heal most wounds incredibly fast.

Werewolves – Specific type of wereanimal. A werewolf is created when a werewolf in either its beast form or half-man form, bites and in rare cases scratches a human. They are incredibly strong, and faster than a normal human. Powerful werewolves can shift into their wolf form and a physical presence larger than human, covered in fur with enormous claws and bestial head. Their sense of smell and sight are very strong, especially in their beast forms.

Witch – A human who is highly sensitive to magic, and can cast a limited amount of magic. Abilities vary from clairvoyance, empath, telekinesis, or various other psychic abilities. Most are adept at potions which combine natural ingredients with magic.

Wolfssengen Pendant – An ancient artifact that creates or breaks bonds between two creatures. It can also act as a tracking device for mystics.

Vampire – There are several varieties of vampire. They live off human or Other blood. For the most part, highly allergic to the sun. They are incredibly fast, and each breed possesses a different set of abilities.


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