Death by Obsession

By: Jaden Skye



When Cindy and Mattheus received the call from Aldon Wentworth they were luxuriously stretched out on a blanket on the beach at St. Barts. Their hands entwined, listening to the gentle surf, neither wanted to pick up the phone when it rang. Whether they wanted to pick it up or not, the phone kept ringing, breaking into the beauty of the balmy day.

“It’s your turn,” Cindy said to Mattheus playfully. She fully expected the call to be from her sister Ann, back in the states. Ann was probably wondering when they’d be returning for their visit home. Cindy was excited to talk to Ann, tell her how wonderfully happy she and Mattheus had become once again. Ann would be pleased, and also say to go slow and be cautious.

Mattheus rolled over on the blanket, reaching for the call. “Yes, yes,” he said, as he picked up, his tanned, handsome, face slowly growing tense. “Of course I understand. No, nothing is impossible. Give me a minute to check with my partner.”

Cindy sat up and brushed some sand off her body. Their time together here in St. Barts had been perfect. They’d relaxed deeply, walked the beaches, swam, dined, danced, and spoke about the future until late into the night. There were so many ways in which their dreams intersected. Mattheus shared with her in a way he never had before. He told her how deeply he wanted to have a family. It was reassuring and heartwarming to leave nothing between them unsaid.

Before they’d arrived on St. Barts, Mattheus said he had a surprise gift for Cindy. That had made her nervous and Cindy’d asked him to hold off on it until they’d more time alone together. Mattheus respected her wishes and hadn’t brought it up again. In the beginning she’d been glad about that. But now Cindy was feeling so close to him, she was eager to know what it was. Was it a ring? Was Mattheus on the edge of proposing? If he was, at this moment, Cindy couldn’t find any reason to say no.

To Cindy’s surprise, this call was the first they’d received during their holiday. It was both exciting and jarring at the same time. She looked over at Mattheus now. He was still on the call, silently listening, concentrating on whatever was being said.

Finally, Mattheus put his hand over the speaker, and leaned towards Cindy. “It’s Aldon Wentworth, calling from St. Martin’s.”

Cindy had heard the name Aldon Wentworth before though couldn’t quite place it.

“He’s desperate for us to get down there as soon as possible. Has something urgent to ask and says it will only take a day or two. But he keeps saying time is of the essence.”

What’s it about?” she asked.

“He can’t say anything more until we get down there,” Mattheus answered. “Seems quite agitated, though.”

Cindy paused. She was and wasn’t ready to let go of the beautiful time she and Mattheus had shared alone together. It was a rare respite they’d needed and it was unusual to have Mattheus all to herself. She wasn’t quite sure she was ready to give it up yet.

“St. Martin’s only a stone throws away,” Mattheus quickly added, seeing her reluctance. “We can hop a quick plane over, stay a couple of days and return. It’ll break things up.”

Cindy could see that Mattheus wanted to go. He must be getting restless, she thought, seemed eager to be back on a case. It was okay, that was natural. The two of them had many days just lolling in the sun by now. And, if Cindy were completely truthful, she had to admit that she liked the idea of being back at work as well.

“Sure, why not?” said Cindy lightly. “And if we’re not interested in the case, we can just fly right back here and dance all night.”

Mattheus grinned. “Is it possible that there’s a case you wouldn’t be interested in? Are you actually becoming domesticated?”

Cindy grinned back, picked up a handful of sand and tossed it on him. “Looks like it’s possible that you’ve tamed me,” she quipped.

“Impossible,” Mattheus laughed as he turned back to the phone. “Sure, we’ll come,” he said to Aldon. “The next plane out is in the early evening. We’ll be there to see you tonight.”