Dead In The Water(87)

By: Julie Smith

Ricky started. “Santa Claus brought her that knife.”

“Oh, Ricky, who believes in Santa Claus? Don’t you want to know what it feels like to pick one up a hagfish?”

“Don’t they wiggle?”

“Oh, wiggle. Wiggle! It’s like having a whole handful of snakes at once. And they’re so slimy the only way you can keep hold of them is to squeeze real tight, but then they might pop right through your hands. So you’ve got to hold them in both hands, and you’ve got to be real quick and just when you…”

But that was far as she got. Keil had just about had it with Libby and Esperanza’s Excellent Adventure. “Hey, Mom,” he interrupted, “what’s for dessert?”

Finally! A change of subject that worked. Marty served the pie with clouds of whipped cream, airy and sweet like the kind of dreams we all hoped to have again.