Crossed Off

By: Lacey Silks

To all the Bimbos!

You girls rock!

She left her family to keep them safe.

He betrayed his father to keep him out of jail.

And their fate is about to throw in a new curve ball.

Skyler Waters works for one of the most powerful men in Manhattan. She depends on the money to keep her safe and hidden from a vengeful half-brother. Except she’s not aware that the money she’s making is fraudulent.

Eager to bring honor to his family name, Cash Wagner will do everything to stop his father’s illegal dealings, no matter what the consequence. When Skyler Waters falls victim to his operation, he will do everything to make it up to her.

While Cash’s motives are blurred, Skyler realizes that she has much more in common with the gorgeous man who flipped her life upside down and agrees to help him with one last job. After all, she needs the money to keep safe.

Except she’s not aware that the job has been waiting for her for two long years...

...and it may be her last.

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The largest Jackpot in Las Vegas history was going to win tonight, but I didn’t want the three hundred and eighty million dollar pool. I had to settle for the five million prize that would sound off on the quarter slots just after midnight. It was the only way I could complete my assignment without drawing attention. Once the job was done and I got paid, my share of the win would be enough to get a new security system. This would be my largest payout yet.

I paced the room from the door to the floor-to-ceiling window and back. From the corner of my eye, the analog clock on the wall seemed to slow at each turn I took. Both glow-in-the-dark handles almost touched at twelve. Beyond the window, the colorful lights of the Vegas Strip illuminated the room. I should have stopped to admire the night’s skyline for a bit longer than a split second, but I’d be back here soon enough, at a different casino, for another assignment. I tapped my wristwatch. The thin second hand still moved. This win didn’t make me nervous. With the instructions I got, it was pretty much in the bag. But the anticipation of how much attention I could divert from myself to complete the task could only equate to how a murderer felt when they’d just killed someone in city square and all road exits were blocked. And I knew exactly what that felt like. I took a bite of the chocolate bar I got earlier from the vending machine in the hall.

Keep it simple. Get the money. Get out. I’d repeated this mantra in my head for the past two years. It was the only way for me to keep safe and stay hidden. My previous jobs for Mr. Wagner didn’t pay as much as this one would, but they were enough to survive. For someone with no education, I was happy to have a job at all.

Another few minutes and Harry would be at my door. I could already hear the machine ringing, flashing its Winner, Winner sign repeatedly. I’d met Harry at the Starbucks across the street from The Mirage. I came out here to scout for willing participants three weeks earlier. When I “accidently” dropped a twenty dollar bill and he picked it up, returning the money to me, I knew he was my guy. Besides, with a name like Harry, there was no way I could go wrong, could I?

It took very little of my female persuasion to get him to help me, and with a few white lies and tender moments of batting my lashes like a damsel in distress, Harry agreed. Hiring just the right person to do the job was crucial to coming out of this alive. See, when you usually mention to someone that they can make a truckload of money in one night, people tend to change. They ask too many questions, get nervous, and I don’t like questions. Harry had that easy surfer attitude about him. Sometimes I wondered whether he was stoned when I first met him. Not that it mattered. All that was important was that I trusted my instinct. And so far, over the past two years of constant hiding, it hadn’t disappointed me.

From the moment I met him, I could tell that Harry was a good guy with a conscience. He wouldn’t give me away or look for me afterward. In fact, when he opened my door as we walked into the restaurant last night and as he stood up when I wanted to go to the ladies’ room, it made me pause and remember how happy I’d once been with another honest man; a man who was not only your best friend but would also die for you or your sister. Harry was one of those guys you had to comb through millions to find, but unfortunately I had no room for a man in my life.