Breaking Point (Ops Warriors #8)

By: Harley McRide


Lt. Danielle “Hellcat”’ Murry or just Dani, walked into her office and looked around. She was so fucking done with those assholes, Dani had given them so many chances. Ugh, what the fuck was wrong with them? Seriously, she was confident if she gave them an ultimatum they would make their move, but what had they done? Fucking nothing! They had stood there and let her walk out the fucking door without a peep. Bastards. Well, she was done, fucking done, they could fuck right off, and she would not give a shit. Ugh, she was so frustrated, it was annoying and infuriating all in one. If she could kick their ass she would, but realistically, Dani couldn’t kick their ass, she didn’t think anyone in the Ops could, which meant she was going to have to deal with it.

She slammed her office door and walked around her desk. She was considered support even though her job was so not just support, like everything else in the military, the job description was lacking. Sadly, they couldn’t write out every single thing you were required to do when writing the job description. It wasn’t easy to list it all, she knew. Dani gathered intel, helped plan missions, and set up the extraction of the teams. She was the eyes and ears of the units assigned to her during the missions. She may not be physically involved, but she was on the com with them during the whole thing.

Dani did her job, and she did it well. Her call sign “Boner,”—yes, you heard right “Boner,”—was given to her when she was the Pirates’ operator. Currently, she was the most requested operator in the area, as well as the highest-ranking officer in the section. She had fought her way up to where she was, which was saying a lot considering the talent in her division. Each of the men and women who were assigned as an operator of missions had rigorous training; they held the lives of the soldiers on a mission in their hands. It was stressful, and once someone made it through the training, then they were stationed stateside for a year or more. Dani had moved up quickly because she had proven she could think on her feet. More than one mission had been saved due to what she did. She was proud of her service. She loved what she did, hell, the only downside was missing her sister who was a helicopter pilot.

Dani knew how to separate work from social, not that there were tons of places to go out for a drink in the Middle East, it was the principle, though. She didn’t ask them for the fucking moon, just a fucking shot to make this last. Being overseas and developing a relationship sucked, mostly because this was not the real world, it was stressful, lonely, and could sometimes be scary as shit. The people you worked side by with side could be there one day and gone the next. Dani had seen a few of her fellow workers become casualties of this fucking place. Before even meeting a team called the Warriors, Dani had become hardened to the war, the shit she had seen as an operator, was horrid.

From the moment she saw Captain Jack Jackman, otherwise known as Jack-Jack and Captain Robert Jenson who was known as Slick, she just knew the rumors about the group they called the Warriors had been true. She had found that out when she approached Slick one night when he had been surprisingly on his own. He set her straight and, instead of being put off, Dani had been interested. She knew he expected her to freak out, but she had shrugged and walked away, determined to get them together and ask. Jack-Jack had always been with him, Dani had been attracted to both, which at first scared the shit out of her. However, being around the group she knew they were different, but it didn’t bother her; in fact, it kinda intrigued her, but the assholes didn’t think she was good enough for something more than a ‘tour fuck.’ Or worldly enough to know what it was like on the outside for people who lived a ménage lifestyle Who the fuck knew, but she wasn’t going to wait around for them to sort their shit dammit.

Dani plopped in her chair, she loved her job and hated her job. If things went wrong with a mission, she always blamed herself. Part of her job was communicating and listening to the team’s communications while they were on a mission. Which is when she fell in love with Jack-Jack and Slick. From the first time she heard their voices, she was interested. But it wasn’t until she listened to the way they handled the missions, that she realized it was the loyalty they had for their team. Then when she met them and saw their rough, gorgeous faces, she was lost.