Backfire (Furies MC #4)

By: Harley McRide


They all climbed onto the yacht, and Loki frowned and looked around before he said, “Why the hell didn’t we ask for a boat like this to pick us up sooner?”

Tally, Tank, Ridge, and Boomer all hit him in the back of the head as they boarded. But it was Fling who said, “Brother, I need dry land, this being out to sea for four days sucked. No way am I doing this again. So shut up and sit down, we have an hour until we’re home.”

Anya laughed as Maci danced around the deck from person to person, hugging them and telling them how much she loved them. Torch put an arm around her shoulder and whispered, “Does anyone notice she’s pickpocketing them?”

“Nah, they won’t find out until they get home, and by then, she will have bedazzled them. Coco had a bedazzle thing aboard she said. Maci was excited to play with it, so yeah,” Anya said and shook her head. “I should never have let Loki babysit her for the afternoon.”

Loki turned around and smiled and said, “What? You want me to babysit again?”

“Fuck no,” Torch said, and the other man pouted, but his phone rang, so Loki pulled it out from his back pocket and answered it without looking. “You have reached the sexiest man on earth, how may I help you?”

Anya laughed and shook her head until she saw the look on Loki’s face and then she stopped and looked around the deck. The men moved as one to their brother and waited. When he hung up the phone, Loki looked at Fling and said, “My mom’s cover was blown; she’s missing in Singapore.”

They all frowned and looked at Fling who swore before he said, “That motherfucker.”

“What do you need?” Torch asked, and he looked at Fling.

“Everything we can get our hands on.”

The men watched as Loki’s face turned from concerned to pissed the fuck off. All of them knew this look, and all of them knew he was already planning in his mind how he would get his mother back.

“Loki…” Fling said, and the man who usually hid his deadly nature behind his humor was not going to be deterred.

“I am not waiting, so make sure you send everything to my phone. No one comes with me, too many people would draw attention,” Loki snapped, and Fling sighed and nodded.

“Come on, let’s get you outfitted as best we can, you are going to need everything to get your mother out of there. I will allow you to go solo because that’s the type of mission this is, but never forget if you need us we will be there.”

Loki looked at his brothers, his friends, hell, the only family besides his mother he had, and Loki nodded. Boomer put his hand on his shoulder and then motioned with his head. “I have a few things to give you as well.”

“Why the fuck does it seem like this bastard is targeting us?” Fling growled, and Loki turned and looked at him.

“You think?”

Fling ran a hand down his face, and then looked at the computer and back. “There is something here.”

“Have Boony dig it out,” Loki snapped.

“Brother, the Ops have their hands full right now with that other shit going down. We need to call in all of our markers and get this shit sorted,” Fling said.

Loki sighed and nodded, his president was correct. They were going to need to find this bastard themselves and shut his ass down before someone else was hurt. He had been able to pull this off because of who was hiding him, but that was going to end. No more following the rules on this one, he was getting closer and closer to killing someone they cared about. Right now, the bastard was a dead man walking.

He just didn’t know it yet.

Chapter One

Jaci ‘Sig’ Thorne threw her phone on the bed of the small rundown house she had been hiding in for a week now. Things had gone to shit so quickly, and damned if she was going to allow her partner, hell, her mentor, Carole Kincaid, to be tried for treason in this country. Of course, that was what they were doing here, gathering intel on the country, the government, but especially their connection to the man who was releasing information about undercover operatives and other top secret material. The man was scum, betraying his country, and its people.

So far the death toll from him leaking information was in the double digits. Victor Burns, aka ‘Ghost Hacker,’ was responsible for it all, and yet they still couldn’t find the little weasel. Jaci moved to the window and looked out. Where was Carole right now? She was worried, and when she called the number she was supposed to call in case of an emergency, she had been shocked when she realized it wasn’t their home office. Instead, she had called Carole’s son. The one Jaci had only heard stories about and seen pictures of. Damn, how sexy that picture was too.