Backfire (Furies MC #4)(4)

By: Harley McRide

Hell, she had even requested a transfer to the division office in LA just to be closer to him and the guys. This was supposed to be her last mission before moving. Loki had already found her several homes in the area to purchase, she only needed to look at them. After this, he was going to make sure she was moving. It had been months since he had seen her and right now, thinking it could be the last time, it was unacceptable. She was his mother, and he was not going to lose her too soon.

The pilot nodded at him when he climbed up the stairs. Loki moved to one of the chairs and sat down, pulling out the small computer he would need and booted it up. Fling and the others had sent his go bag with everything he would need ahead of him, now all he needed to do was get up to date on what his mother had been doing in Singapore.

Loki was so into what he was doing he didn’t realize when someone else got on the plane with him. It wasn’t until he heard someone clearing their throat he looked up and frowned. “Can I help you?” Loki asked the stranger who was sitting in a seat close to him.

Loki did a quick inspection of the man; he was in the military with that haircut, there was no other profession he could be in. He was also a huge motherfucker, broad shoulders, and long legs, dark hair, and a shit ton of tats. Yeah, he was in the military. Loki spied one of the tats on his forearm, Ranger, great. What the fuck was he doing on his flight? No one was supposed to be here but him or a brother, and this dude was not a brother.

The man lifted his head and said, “You can ask, but it doesn’t mean I am answering.”

Loki frowned, really? What the fuck? He was about ready to open his mouth when a bag came flying through the open door and land on the floor in front of them. Then another stranger jumped into the cabin and smiled.

“Right on!” the stranger yelled and raised his hands like he scored a touchdown and then he looked to Loki and the other stranger. “This is gonna be off the fucking hook!”

Fuck, Loki thought, a military man and a fucking hippy-geek. That is the only thing he could think of when he saw the man who had just arrived. He was wearing thick, black-rimmed glasses, had long curly, sun bleached, blond hair, and wore striped pants and a hemp shirt. Oh yeah, hippie. The only difference was the tats the man had on his arms, they seemed out of place.

The pilot stuck his head out of the door, and all three of them turned and stared at him as he said, “Everyone’s here, so get strapped in, we are taking off in five.”

The man who was standing moved to a seat and Loki held up his hand. “Hang the fuck on; no one is supposed to be on this flight but me. So who the fuck are you guys and why the fuck are you on my plane? And make it quick, I am on a timeline and don’t have time for long ass explanations.”

The man who was standing, the one who looked like a surfer on crack, smiled big and said, “Man, Boony sent me, told me you needed some specialized help. So here I am. Oh, and I totally have some specialized training too, bud. See I was in the military, and then—”

“I said quickly,” Loki growled.

The man shrugged and losing his smile, said, “Cool, I was a tank driver and weapons specialist for the Army, but currently I am a hacker, one you are going to need to get your mom out of the clink. And find the man who released the information.” His long bleach blond hair and lanky build contradicted what he said, but Boony wouldn’t have sent someone useless. But it was the deadly look in the man’s eyes that told the real story, and that convinced Loki more than anything.

“Name?” Loki snapped.

“Wesson Chambers, sir,” the man snapped and saluted him. Loki narrowed his eyes at the man, “But you can call me Shadow.”

Loki stared intently waiting to see if the man would move or shift under scrutinization. There was nothing, not one flinch, and Loki knew that this man would stand up. Good. He turned his gaze to the man sitting down and saw he was leaning his head back with his eyes closed as if he didn’t have a care in the world. Loki knew differently, he could see the tension in his body.

“And you?” he snapped, and the stranger opened one eye and turned his head but didn’t lift it up.

“And me what?”