Backfire (Furies MC #4)(3)

By: Harley McRide

“Hello?” she said into the phone.

“Send your coordinates to this phone, do not call or use this phone after you send them, turn it off. I will be there in forty-eight hours, remain where you are until then. If you have to leave, use your burner,” Kaden said gruffly in her ear.

“No problem,” she said briskly. “I am working on finding where Carole is being held and hope to have the location when you get here.”

There was silence, and for a second Jaci thought he had hung up on her, but then he said, “We know where she is and you won’t be able to get to her.”

Jaci frowned and looked at the phone. “I literally called you four hours ago, how the hell do you know where she is when I have been looking for days and nothing?”

She heard a chuckle on the line and rolled her eyes, how annoying, and sexy, damn she hated when that happened. Jaci knew seeing him in person with that sexy as hell voice was going to annoy her even more. Up until now, she had been completely focused on her job, men were a distraction, and sometimes a little too clingy, as she had found out on more than one occasion. It was such a conundrum really. Men thought women were clingy, and they refused to look in the mirror. They could be demanding, whiny, and downright high maintenance. Jaci prided herself on not being any of those things, and as of yet, she hadn’t found a man who didn’t piss her off regularly to the point where she was forced to do the whole ‘one-night stand’ thing. No relationships because when she tried, the men always showed their true colors.

“Well, sugar, if I told you that I would have to kill you,” Kaden said, and she rolled her eyes again. Her eyes were going to get a workout, she could feel it now. Arrogance, while at times was slightly cute, most of the time was annoying as fuck.

“Whatever,” she muttered and then said, “I will be waiting for you.”

The man chuckled and then disconnected, yeah, she would be waiting for him alright, with a fucking gun. If he pissed her off, she could always shoot him and leave him for dead. Hey, they were in a foreign country, she would so not get blamed for that.

Jaci moved back to the computer, which she had already booted up, and sat down and pulled up the data one of the operatives sent to her. Kaden had already found out where his mother was, which meant Jaci would be able to find it also. She wasn’t stupid, they had the same info, she just wasn’t seeing it. Before Kaden arrived, she would know where Carole was at and have a plan.

She closed out the thoughts of what Carole was probably going through; this country wasn’t known for its nice jails, they were fucking holes in the wall. Hell, she wouldn’t even like to guess the size of the fucking rats she knew infested their jails. The thought made her shiver. Focusing, she looked back to the computer and began to search.

Loki walked to the plane that was going to deliver him to Singapore to get his mother’s partner, and then they would rescue his mother. Growing up with a parent in the CIA had been hard, he could never tell anyone what she did, and as a kid it sucked. Especially since his mother’s cover was a curator for a museum. Really, the most boring job in the world in his opinion, not to slam those who did the job, it was just not his mother. She wasn’t quiet and demure. She was loud and boisterous, and she attracted people to her. That was her way.

When he got older and realized that not only was he weird because he had no father, but he also had a spy for a mother, so yeah, he was weird on many levels. Just what every kid wanted, NOT. He grimaced when he thought of his father, ha, that really wasn’t the word for the asshole who donated his sperm to his mother. Looking back, he never really got how his mother slept with a man like Jimmy Flynn, the man was a walking, talking stereotype. Loud, drunk, and a major fucking loser. At least that was what he was now; apparently, back in the day; he was handsome and also very charismatic, which gave Loki more than a few nightmares when he thought about it. Not to mention there not being a cure for removing that shit from behind your eyelids. So mostly, he didn’t think of his father; it was just energy he didn’t want to waste.

When he joined the military, his mother had been disappointed. Loki had been looked at by the agency as a recruit, he had the smarts and the talent. What he didn’t have was the patience. He didn’t give a shit about being political, the only thing he cared about was right and wrong. He was way too black and white to be a spy. Instead, he served his country in the military and found something along the way. His mother was awesome, she had done everything she could when growing up to make him understand the importance of family, but it was only the two of them, and it was hard. After meeting Fling and the other guys, Loki understood what it meant, and damn, his mother had too. She loved the guys in the club, no matter what, and she had helped them on several occasions.