Backfire (Furies MC #4)(2)

By: Harley McRide

Kaden ‘Loki’ Kincaid had been leaning against a Harley Davidson with a shit-eating grin, which made him all the sexier. Carole had told her stories about her son, some of them were secret, which shocked her. But Carole trusted her with that information, which made Jaci realize how much Carole trusted her period. Jaci found it interesting though that a motorcycle club was really a front for mercs. Well interesting and highly sexy; of course, she couldn’t tell his mother that. But in secret, she seriously labeled him drool worthy.

Jaci moved to the bathroom and looked in the mirror; she wasn’t what most people thought of when they thought of operatives for the CIA. Jaci was tall, not so thin, more voluptuous, and her long black hair was silky and full, with loose natural curls. Her mother called her the All-American girl. She was pretty, but she wasn’t gorgeous, she knew it, and it didn’t bother her. Jaci was athletic and could kick the shit out of most men she went up against in training, mostly because they underestimated her. She was fast, and she knew every move her brother who had been a Marine taught her.

She smiled and thought of her brother. He was a TI now with the Marines, and if he knew where she was, doing what she was doing, he would flip his shit. He thought she was a paper pusher with the CIA, an office manager. When she was approached five years ago, right out of college, she had been looking for some job in her field. Jaci had graduated with honors in Criminal Justice and moved on to grad school until she obtained her law degree. She was just trying to find a place to hang her hat, and suddenly Carole walked right up to her when she was shopping, picked up the make-up she had been ready to purchase, told her it wasn’t the right color, and proceeded to stuff Jaci’s hands full of other products. They still laughed about that. Carole explained to her how she was chosen, and how Carole asked to have Jaci as a partner. Their age difference didn’t bother her, Carole was seasoned, and Jaci learned a lot from her. Jaci also realized Carole’s age worked for her in many situations. Of course, they were intel gatherers. Jaci knew Carole was training her as a replacement. She hated to think about doing this job without her, but like Carole said, ‘You can’t do this shit forever, it is tiring.’ Something about Carole just clicked with her. And from that day five years ago, she and Carole had become more than partners, they were friends, and she was not going to let her friend down, nor was she going to leave her friend in Singapore and let the agency get her out.

Jaci wasn’t sure the agency would get her out because when they signed up, all the agents were told, if they were caught, the US would not claim knowledge of anything. Carole and Jaci spoke about this after the first mission; they had a plan. Which mainly was Kaden and her half-brother, Anthony “Wrecker” Rizzo, who was currently on a mission, so everything fell on Kaden. When she called, he had hung up on her with only a, ‘On my way.’ She assumed he meant it, which was why she was standing in this rundown shack waiting for him to contact her again. If he didn’t, she wasn’t sure what to do, other than wait for her brother to contact her. She had already sent him a message on their secured email.

She turned and walked back to her computer and logged on. Soon Jaci would need to let their superiors know what was going on. They would order her back immediately, which was protocol, and she wasn’t going to follow it, and they knew that. No operative in the field with a partner would ever leave their partner if captured. But they would go through the motions so when push came to shove, they would throw her under the bus with the government of Singapore.

The webpage they were to check in on wasn’t up yet, it would be in three hours, and she would need to report their status. Then the game would begin, and she would only have a certain amount of time to get the fuck out of here with Carole. She closed her eyes, shit.

It happened three days ago, and so far she had been able to dodge the authorities. It wouldn’t last. Jaci pulled out the scissors and set them in front of her. She hated to do it, but she was going to need to, her hair was black and hard to dye, especially because it was black. She needed to lighten it first and then dye it. With a sigh, she picked up the scissors, grabbed a handful of hair, but before she could cut it, her Sat phone rang. With a frown she grabbed it.