Testing the Submissive(50)

By: Al Daltrey

I pulled the laptop toward me and reached with my hands until they found the keyboard. Lewis hesitated, but then reluctantly nodded. Neither of us said a word, but he knew I was going to tweak it. I typed carefully and thoughtfully, then steered the laptop toward Lewis so he could read the screen.

To: Sheik Saeed.

Re: my owned cunt

Upon further consideration, I’ve decided I will send my slave to you for a week. I do hope you will make her available to your entire compound including your wives, friends, staff – and any of their friends. With my blessing, encourage them to use her as frequently and severely as they desire. Consider there to be no restrictions on how often she is punished or used; or by how many. I trust you will enjoy. Regards, Lewis.

Lewis shook his head in disbelief, but underneath I knew he was aroused beyond belief.

Master did not stop my hand when pressed down on the ‘send’ button.

The End.