Testing the Submissive(4)

By: Al Daltrey

“Pathetic, don’t you agree?”

“Yes, Sir.” I lowered my gaze and could feel myself blush.

“What happened next?”

“She beat me. She started in on my shoulders with a rawhide knout. The way she transitioned smoothly between a forehand and backhand swing alerted me to how skilled she was with a whip. Each strike was delivered with power and finesse. My entire upper back was in agony in no time at all.”

“Did she say anything?”

“Not right way. But a few minutes in she made comment about the ritual of athletes in every sport. How they warm up before the game begins. Pitchers pitch. Hockey players skate around. Basketball players shoot hoops. At first I thought she was comparing herself to an athlete, but then I realized her intended point.”

“And what point was that?”

“That the rawhide knout was nothing more than a prelude. The real whipping was yet to begin. She was just warming-up, like an athlete before a game.”

“Was her warning valid?”

“Oh yes. That knout laid into my shoulders without compromise, and yet the worst was yet to come, by far. She moved through a variety of wicked instruments, and enjoyed the reaction of my skin to each one. This went on for some time. Occasionally she stopped to sip her wine, or feel my pussy.”

“When she touched you, were you wet?”

“Embarrassingly so, Sir. Yes, I was wet. Very wet.”

“Your body was betraying you?”

“As it always does, Sir. The pain was almost unbearable at times. I wished for it to stop, I wished for her to stop! I secretly hoped she would release me, so we could make love, or at least so I could pleasure her. But for the better part of two hours she simply punished my body.”

“What exactly did she use?”

“Oh, so many things. At least three different floggers, a soft deer skin one, and one which felt like fake synthetic leather. She used a bunch of belts, some thin, some wide, some heavy. She used a wooden spatula from the kitchen on my nipples which drove me insane with agony. She used a cane on the back of my thighs, but thankfully she went easier with the cane. She used her hands at times, to spank me. She slapped my face a half-dozen or so times. Um, oh yeah, she used a hairbrush, and a wooden paddle.”

“How did it eventually end?”

“At one point, she paused to scan my entire body with her eyes. I was pink everywhere. Welted in many places. The skin swollen and puffy in a few tender spots. There was virtually no part of my body that was unblemished. She seemed satisfied. I was practically hanging by my wrists at that point, and she knew I was thoroughly beaten not only physically, but also emotionally.”

“Go on.”

“She put down the last instrument, and retrieved a thick rubber strap-on that was waiting nearby. She fastened it to her waist, and kept adjusting it until it was just right.”

“Ah yes, I’ve heard her tell of this strap-on, it was custom designed for her.”

“Indeed Sir. It fit her perfectly, and chiefly, there is a protrusion that faced inward, that Ms. Donovan guided into the folds of her pussy so that it massaged directly onto her clit whenever she thrust forward against any resistance.”

“This way, when she fucked you, she was able to grind out an orgasm herself.”

“Which she did. After the whipping she released my ankles, and then my wrists. I all but collapsed to the floor. She took me from behind, doggie style. She slid the strap-on deep into me, and started to fuck me hard, pulling on my hair for leverage.”

“Did it take her long to cum?”

“Not at all. Her strap-on worked like a charm. Every time she plunged into me, I could hear her moan, and I knew the special part of the dildo was serving its purpose, stimulating her clit.”

“What about you?”

I paused. But I knew the truth must be told, “I came too, Sir.”

“Filthy fucking cunt.”

“I’m sorry, Sir. Although I assure you, Ms. Donovan didn’t mind. Not at all. In fact, I genuinely believe she was quite pleased that my orgasm hit on the heels of hers. We just about came at the same time.”

“What makes you think she was pleased?”

“She taunted me about it, but in a good way. She called me her little fuck-toy, and boasted that since I seemed to be enjoying myself so much, she’d beat me even more the next time.”