Man Of Steel

By: Jordan Silver

Chapter 1

“Fuck!” One last hard thrust to bring her off and I was done. Well, not exactly, I always had a problem pulling out of her. The aftermath with my baby is almost as good as the sex, and that’s saying a lot because the sex is pretty phenomenal.

Lifting my head from where I’d had it buried in her neck, I looked down at her sweaty, beautiful face. “Hey babydoll.” I brushed the hair back from her face and kissed her forehead while pressing my still throbbing cock deeper into her. I’ll never get enough of that smile, or that dreamy look she gets right after I’ve had her. Shit like that can make a man feel ten feet tall if he’s not careful.

“Hey yourself.” She raised up to take my lips and I fed her my tongue before taking hers. “Umm, you taste so good, why do you always taste so fucking sweet?” We ate at each other’s mouths and she lifted her legs wrapping them higher around my hips while squeezing my cock inside her. “Still hungry huh?”

For an answer she twisted her body beneath mine pulling me even deeper into her already wet heat. It didn’t take much for my boy to be at full stance again, and I set about feeding her greedy ass once more. Her sexual appetite just about rivaled mine, though I think I’ve got her beat by a nose.

“I want you on your hands and knees.” Pulling out I flipped her over in one smooth motion and eased back in. One of the most beautiful sights in my world is watching her take me into her body. It’s the sexiest shit I’ve ever seen. “Tell me if I hurt you.” She nodded her head and flung her hair back getting into position. She knows the drill, when I’m riding I like to ride all the way. Wrapping her hair twice around my fist I put my free hand in the small of her back pushing down slightly until her body was curved just the way I wanted it.

“Hold on beautiful.” She grabbed fistfuls of the sheets as I started stroking into her nice and slow. Lily’s five three to my six two and she weighs about a hundred pounds wet so when I’m fucking her like this I have to be very careful. Her little pussy can barely take me in the missionary so when I’m feeling like a little kink I have to always remember to keep a tight rein less I damage her.

When her body adjusted to having my full length inside and she wasn’t showing any signs of discomfort, I upped the pace a little, while tugging gently on her hair. I’m a sick fuck behind closed doors; I’ll be the first to admit it. I like my sex dirty and hot, no inhibitions and no limits. As long as she’s with me and enjoying the shit I do to her, then it’s all good in my book.

I could see her biting into her lip as she rocked back and forth on my cock, her eyes slits of pleasure as she drenched my meat with her sweet pussy juices again and again. Tightening my hold on her hair, I pulled her ass back harder with the hand in her back and watched as my cock slammed in and out of her tightness. That sight alone was enough to bring me to the brink, but when she started squeezing and releasing, massaging me with her pussy walls that was it. I growled long and hard before latching onto her neck with my teeth and spewing into her for the second time that night.

I was too tired to do the cleanup so that shit will have to wait for the morning, so with one last kiss, I pulled her half way under me and dropped into oblivion. It had been another long night for me and the boys, and tomorrow didn’t promise to be any better.

The feel of her softness beneath me helped me to sleep for a solid six before I was rolling out of bed again. I broke one off inside her before my eyes were even fully open. Morning pussy, especially when it was still wet from the night before, was it’s own special kind of treat.

I dragged her limp form out of bed and headed for the shower. First order of business was brushing our teeth, since she’d turned teeth cleaning into a fucking science project with electric brushes and shit that were on timers. When that was done I turned on the water in the marble stall and set it to just below boil before we stepped in.

I knew what was coming next; it’s like a pattern with us one that I never grew tired of. Bracing myself with my legs planted, I looked down at my cock that was already on the rise again. That first fuck of the morning was just to whet my appetite and hers, sort of like getting shit out of the way so we can really get down to business.