Her Highness and the Highlander(121)

By: Tracy Anne Warren

She stood up, swaying for a second but recovering quickly. He went to her and laid a hand on her elbow to keep her safe.

“Well, what is it, then?” she demanded. “What did they say?”

He thought for a moment, trying to decide how best to phrase it, but there really was no right way. “They said that I’ve inherited all the old ancestral lands, the MacKinnon holdings in Skye. The ones my grandfather used to own.”

Her mouth fell open. Quickly she shut it again. “But how?”

“It seems the man who took possession of the lands after the forfeiture had deeded them back to me. They went to his son and grandson first, but they’ve both died, with no heirs. From what the Suttons told me, he was a cousin of sorts and always felt a bit guilty over the holdings. His will states that in the event there are no direct heirs, the original heir will gain the lands again.”

Mercedes’s face pinked with pleasure. “Oh, Daniel, that’s wonderful.”

“And it’s even better. They were bluidy rich, so now I am too. No’ as rich as your father—well, few people are as rich as that—but I’m a fair way closer to being more than comfortable.”

He laughed and wrapped her in his arms, swinging her in a short circle. “I’ve always wanted to give you a castle, and now I can. The old ruin belongs to me—to us—now as well. I’m going to restore it to its old glory, only with modern heating and plumbing added in.”

“Are you laird again as well?”

He shook his head. “Nae. The title cannot come to me. But it does no’ matter, lass. I’ve everything I want, so I can provide for you now.”

“But you know I don’t care about riches. And I don’t require a castle.”

“Maybe no’, but you deserve one. You’re a princess, my princess, and nothing less seems fitting. So come, Princess Mercedes, and give me a kiss, and then we’ll sit and make plans for our own little kingdom.”

Swinging her up again in his arms, he pressed his lips to hers and together their hearts soared.