Curse's Claim (Chaos Bleeds)

By: Sam Crescent

Chaos Bleeds, 3

Chapter One

Curse took a long drag on his cigarette as he watched the spritely blonde bounce on his cock. She wasn’t a bad fuck, but he really wasn’t into it. He couldn’t remember her name, and he really didn’t care. The woman groaned, pushing up and down on his cock. Her ribs were showing, and he’d watched her snort some coke before coming up to the room with him. The guys were all coming down from the rush after going to visit The Skulls in Fort Wills. Ripper had stayed behind with Judi, and Devil took his woman and two kids. It wasn’t the same travelling on his bike while his President rode in a fucking station wagon. Curse didn’t like it, and it wasn’t right with him.

“Oh, I love your cock. It’s so big and hits the right spot.”

Rolling his eyes, he blew out a ring. His cock wasn’t getting bigger. Losing interest in the woman, he slapped her on the ass. “Get off.”

“What? Why? I want to fuck you, Curse. Do you want me to suck you off?”

“Get out. I’m not in the mood.” He sat up, peeling the condom off and throwing it across the room to land in the trash can.

“Wait, what? I want to fuck you. Ashley is busy with Pussy, and you’ve never fucked me.”

“You’re giving me a fucking headache. Ashley can do whatever the hell she wants. She’s part of the club; you’re not. Get the fuck out before this becomes the last night you stay in the club.” He glared at her until she finally left him alone shutting the door to his room behind her. Sitting on his bed, he stared at the floor thinking about a certain dark-haired waitress who refused to have anything to do with him.

For the past couple of weeks he’d been trying to get her to go out for a ride on his bike, but she wasn’t having any of it. No matter what he suggested, dinner, a movie, a picnic, she turned him down. Admittedly, she turned him down gently, but she still turned him down. Ashley had warned him she was a hard nut to crack. Mia Brown wouldn’t simply give up or give in. She didn’t have any other lovers waiting around for her. What he found out about Mia came from Ashley, but neither woman was very forthcoming.

Docking out his cigarette he ran fingers through his hair before he pulled his jeans back on. It was the middle of summer, and he left the clubhouse without a shirt. The whole place had erupted in the partying mood. He passed many of the sweet-butts in different states of undress. Pussy had Ashley completely naked and was bouncing her on his cock for plenty of the other members to see.

Death was getting his cock sucked by another. His brothers were either watching or participating, and the women were lapping up the attention. Leaving the clubhouse, Curse straddled his bike, turned over the engine and started out of the compound. There was somewhere else he wanted to be, and Mia would just be about to close up the diner.

Parking his bike, he folded his arms and waited for her to appear. The closed sign was placed on the door, and all the lights were turned off. No one was near the diner, and the town of Piston County was deathly quiet.

Ten minutes later he spotted Mia leaving the diner with a grey haired older woman talking about the customers they’d gotten that day. He stared at Mia hoping to see some sign of happiness on her face. She turned toward the road, and she was still frowning. From the way her lips were moving she was making calculations. Over the past couple of months he’d noticed she was always doing some kind of sum inside her head.

He’d asked Ashley about it. Mia was always calculating the cost of her mother’s medical care to make sure she could afford the expense. Every cent she earned went toward the best care possible for her sick mother.

“I’ll see you tomorrow, dear, take care.” The older woman left her alone.

Mia placed her bag over her head and started to head in the opposite direction. She hadn’t even noticed him.

“Hey,” he said, calling out to her.

She turned, her gaze searching the darkness. “Who’s there?”

Climbing off his bike, he stepped closer to her. “It’s me.”

“Where’s Ashley? She said there was a party tonight.”

“There is a party. She’s with Pussy, and I’m here.” He reached out to tuck some hair behind her ear. She tensed up but didn’t pull away.