Bond Mates

By: Kirsty Moseley

Chapter 1: New beginning number 6

I rolled over looking at my alarm clock, ten more minutes won't hurt I thought to myself hitting the snooze button and getting comfy again. "Tyler get your fat ass out of that bed now or you will be late for fucking school" screamed my mom from my bedroom doorway. "Ok, ok I'm getting up mom!" I answered politely rolling my eyes, I waited until she closed my door then muttered

"Fucking bitch! I am not fat!" under my breath. My mom hasn't always been like this, up until I was 7 she was the greatest mom in the world (in my opinion anyway!) I always thought I had the perfect life, perfect parents, perfect friends, Christ, everything was perfect! But three days after my 7th birthday my dad was killed in a car accident on his way home from work. That was the day my life fell apart, and everything just got progressively worse from then on.

I rolled off the bed and made my way into the shower taking my time trying to relax myself, I knew that today was going to be a bad day. I had been dreading this all weekend. Monday, my first day at my new school 'Royston High'. I hate being the new girl but hey, I should be used to this by now, this would be the 6th school I had started in two years. The longest I had been in one place since the age of fifteen was five months.

That was just long enough to make some really great friends and get close to them just before I had to leave. That was the worst part about it, leaving them behind. After that I vowed not to make friends again. I mean what was the point it wasn't like I was going to get to stay there long enough to keep them and saying goodbye hurt like hell, so I purposefully made myself a loner, didn't try to fit in and was a total bitch to everyone so that they would stay away from me.

After my not very successful attempt at relaxing myself I stepped out of the shower drying myself off quickly and padding back to my bedroom to get dressed. I pulled on my electric blue lacy underwear and stood for a full 5 minutes looking into my closet trying to decide what to wear.

Finally settling on a pair of dark blue skinny jeans and navy blue round neck tank top. Going over to the mirror I put a little mascara around my emerald green eyes and added some clear lip gloss, I hardly wear any make up, but I don't need it anyway I prefer to look natural and to be honest I try to blend in as much as possible. I don't need any hormonal teenage boys following me around. Nope best to stick to my plan No friends, No boys it works best like that, like I said no goodbyes when we have to leave this place in a rush when HE shows up again.

I stepped back and took one last look at myself before I needed to go downstairs and talk to mom. I looked pretty good, I was 5ft 7, I had a nice figure, curvy in all the right places, flat stomach, and long legs my chestnut brown hair hung in loose curls to just below my bra strap, sighing I picked up my oversized black hoodie and pulled it on so that you couldn't see my slim figure underneath (like I said its easier to shy away from attention) pulled on my black and white converse and went downstairs.

Once down stairs I grabbed a granola bar and carton of juice before stepping into the living room to say goodbye to my mom. As I entered the room I noticed her sprawled out on the couch she had passed out with the TV blaring, a half empty bottle of vodka in one hand and a glass in the other.

Jesus how long was I on the shower anyway? I thought to myself as I turned the TV off and took the glass from her hand putting it on the table. I kissed my mom on the forehead as I took the bottle out of her hand, unscrewing the cap I took a big swig letting it burn in my mouth before swallowing it.

I put the bottle back in the kitchen with the countless other alcohol bottles (most of which were almost empty) and with a sigh of disappointment, I whispered a goodbye to mom on my way out of the door. I don't really know why I was disappointed, did I really expect her to act any different just because it was the first day at a new school? Hell no, she had been the same since my dad died, and even worse since we started to move around a lot. I guess I was lucky that she dragged her ass off the couch long enough to tell me to get my 'fat' ass out of the bed, usually she tried her hardest to pretend I didn't exist. Wanting to enjoy my last minutes of freedom as I walked to school slowly, trying to familiarise myself with my new town, hey it was a pretty nice neighbourhood, we had definitely been in worse.

As I walked into the school car park it seemed like everyone stopped talking to stare at me. You're being paranoid Tyler no one is staring at you I told myself willing it to be true but knowing it wasn't. Passing a group of really pretty half dressed girls I heard whispers of "oh a new girl too bad she's emo" and "what the hell is she wearing" and "looks like a fat tramp to me" gritting my teeth I walked past pretending I was completely oblivious, secretly wishing I'd remembered to bring my ipod.